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Fast, Like No One Before Speed is everything in business. Technology progresses at record pace, so companies must do whatever it takes to stay relevant. NR7101 has up to 5 Gbps data rates, which can provide your business an advantage by being faster than others. Take part in it know! Be the Pioneer of Pioneers Feeling the need to increase bandwidth and network speed at office? Want to help manufacturing production operations become more flexible and efficient with better precision and lower costs than human inspection? Get a head start on smart office or industry 5.0, it’s time to upgrade to 5G and empower your future. NR7101 is poised to be your backbone of your network to pave the way for your future business success. Multifunction Router, Business Supporter NR7101 is not only a simple network router, but your multipurpose business partner. It can be deployed as part of a Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) without extra wire infrastructure. To set 5G as your primary connection or use it as a backup when the primary connection drops. NR7101 has dual SIM card slots to prevent network disconnection and provide 24/7 non-stop connectivity. It also supports bridge mode to connect multiple devices without the risk of performance issues. NR7101 offers more than just 5G, the variety of usage is entirely up to you! Day and Night Non-Stop Connectivity Better Signal, Work Wonders Six 10 dBi long range directional antennas are built into the NR7101 to provide a focused networking coverage. Experience better, stronger signal strength and enhanced signal quality of 5G network for faster speed. Grab the NR7101, it’s efficient and can work wonders! Strong Backbone, Stronger Connection NR7101 has industrial-grade components with outdoor-friendly design making it possible to work in harsh environment conditions where desirable signal strength is difficult to achieve or having weather challenges including strong winds and rainstorms. NR7101 guarantees high-quality connections and a longer device life, which supports your business deployment in wide territorial scopes. Network Slicing, Tailor Your Network NR7101 is interoperable with both Standalone (SA) and Non-Standalone (NSA) deployments. Under SA mode, NR7101 can support network slicing function with tailored network capabilities that are essential to fulfil different business needs, like dealing complex environments with massed wired and wireless networks for separate factory and office connections, and handling of multiple-node WiFi infrastructure, which can be unstable. Customize network via NR7101 to keep ahead of industry and to ensure success! Efficient and Precise Installation A remote and simple DIY for own installation costs less than fiber as no electrician is required! To find the best signal spot for installation, you just need to use a smartphone or tablet to connect to NR7101’s WiFi network and follow its configuration instruction on the free “Zyxel LTE Ally” app. Comes with flexible wall and pole mounting options, integrated Power over Ethernet (PoE) support makes power requirements a non-issue.

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