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Do you have the right protection for your data?

Adapt to new shopping behaviors

Customers today shop how, when and where they want to. 21% of retail sales are expected to be online by 2025.2 Expand your digital services by providing a personalized experience that builds loyalty and improves market share. With a cohesive IT infrastructure from Calls UK, you’ll deliver reliable and secure shopping experiences.

Analyse your data for insights

To succeed in today’s environment, it’s critical to gather, manage, secure and analyse your data. Nearly half of executives say they plan to use better analytics in 2022 to improve decision making. 

Stay up and running

Retailers need to be ready to adapt to shifting consumer behaviours. 44%of UK online shoppers feel more comfortable online due to ongoing pandemic concerns.3 Any network disruption, either in-store or online, costs you in time, money and customer satisfaction. When security systems are down, you’re more vulnerable to a data breach. Calls UK provides support to ensure you have secure access to business-critical platforms and applications.

Achieve your goals with a partner who understands your needs

Our coast-to-coast presence allows us to serve manufacturers of all sizes, no matter where your facilities are.

Our experts are always available to support our comprehensive portfolio of enterprise services, keep your network up and running and connect multiple locations — efficiently and effectively.

Our private Fibre network and services keep you connected with little to no interruption, helping ensure streamlined operations.

By allowing Calls UK to manage your technical infrastructure directly, you’ll be able to free up your IT team to focus on other projects and initiatives.