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How is your IT strategy enabling the Quadruple Aim?

Enhancing patient and clinician experience, improving outcomes and reducing costs is the ultimate goal. To meet it, you need a scalable IT infrastructure that can evolve along with your digital health initiatives.

Empower delivery of transformative, patient-centric care

Streamline access to data from connected devices and records from other providers or systems.

Keep your data secure

Cyberattacks, government regulations and reputation management all need to be considered by healthcare leaders. Security solutions help you shield sensitive information and meet critical compliance mandates.

Enable interoperability and information-sharing

Drive better coordination of care with connectivity that enables interoperability of patient information among clinicians, departments and locations. The right IT infrastructure can help deliver continuity of care, even in disparate and rural facilities, as well as reduce costs.

No matter the size of your health organisation, we support you

Hospitals and health systems face the challenges of staying connected and delivering a seamless care experience — especially as industry consolidation becomes more pervasive. Reliable healthcare IT networks must be available and support ever-increasing bandwidth demands.

We provide high-speed data transfer and redundant, high-bandwidth networks to deliver real-time, continuous access to information. We also maintain HIPAA compatibility to meet your security requirements, and we can rapidly bring new facilities onto your network.

From clinics and surgery centres to dialysis centres and beyond, outpatient facilities need to be seamlessly connected to ensure medical data is instantly accessible.

We deliver the power of highly-reliable uptime with Ethernet Services that support your EHR, administrative functions and WiFi. 

Practices frequently have practitioners and staff working across multiple clinics — many using the network at the same time to gather the crucial information needed to do their jobs. Reliable uptime is crucial to delivering positive patient outcomes and reducing costs

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