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Enterprise Network Solutions

A managed networking platform that helps you accomplish more without adding complexity

Enterprises with demanding network requirements need advanced security and the flexibility to support hybrid networks and multi-cloud strategies. Our all-inclusive platform includes security, SD-WAN and LAN switch options that can simplify your IT operations and make your network more secure, reliable and efficient — helping your team deliver an elevated digital experience at any scale.

The highest standard of performance and security

Enable exceptionally high throughput and low latency across your network along with advanced security. Our service combines highly reliable network capabilities with edge security utilising the award-winning Fortinet platform.

Connect with unprecedented flexibility

We offer a wide variety of network connectivity options to fit the needs of each location and application while scaling easily. Whether you use your existing network or integrate public or private connectivity with ours, even the most complex routing needs can be accommodated.

Have confidence in a trusted partner

Available as a fully- or co-managed service, Enterprise Network Solutions provides expert support to help IT teams streamline operations and alleviate network administration. We offer expertise at every stage of the process, from network design to implementation to ongoing support.

Built for your needs

Industry-leading security platform

Safeguard your network with a platform delivered by Calls UK and powered by Fortinet’s world-renowned security — utilising the industry’s only purpose-built ASIC designed to accelerate SD-WAN and security performance. As a managed service, your security policies are always up-to-date.

A range of connectivity options

Our national reach allows us to offer a variety of reliable solutions, including Fibre Internet Access, broadband, LTE and Ethernet. Because Enterprise Network Solutions is connectivity-agnostic and multi-carrier compatible, you can combine multiple public and private network connections to meet your needs.

Simplify your operations

Our end-to-end managed option integrates hardware, licenses and network connectivity for up to 99.99% availability end-to-end, while consolidating multiple functions into a single platform.

Scale as needs change

Calls UK can expand services and bandwidth as your organisation increases its locations and workforce. Our offering accommodates up to 100 Gbps throughput and SD-WAN for 10,000 branches.

Seamless SD-WAN

Improve, expand or standardise your WAN infrastructure at all locations and prioritize traffic with application-aware routing. Enable an internet-based SD-WAN or integrate with private MPLS or Ethernet networks to enable a hybrid SD-WAN to accommodate specialised needs, utilise local internet offload and load balancing through one secure platform.

Easy hybrid and remote worker integration

Improve productivity with an intuitive, seamless and secure experience across devices for up to 50,000 mobile or remote professionals.

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