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Carrier Wholesale

Delivering elevated client experiences, driving solution focused outcomes

Calls UK Ltd. delivers high-speed, continuous and reliable service for carriers and their customers, over our continuously growing Fibre footprint. Carrier clients are looking to identify the best service provider, within the footprint of their end user, to partner with and deliver optimised telecommunications services.

Extend your reach

When you discover markets you want to expand into, we can help. Our privately owned, nationwide Fibre network spans multiple counties and over a million serviceable buildings.

Meet client needs

Our high-speed Fibre network delivers the fast and reliable connectivity clients demand. You can count on us to help you meet their requirements with ease and confidence.

Experts for your growth strategy

We have a dedicated team of wholesale carrier specialists and MEF-certified experts who collaborate with you on the best way to reach new clients.

The benefits of Carrier services

Our fully protected, redundant and private network is completely distinct from traditional local telco networks. Its nationwide “last mile” coverage comes with a comprehensive service-level agreement (SLA) backed by Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) 9, MEF 14, and Carrier Ethernet (CE) 2.0 certifications. Each SLA/SLO meets or exceeds MEF 2.0 standards.

Our scalable Ethernet and Fibre services provide dedicated bandwidth with speeds up to 100 Gbps. By growing your customers’ bandwidths, you help ensure their capacity for growth, and make it possible for them to achieve their mission-critical goals.

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