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Managed SD-WAN

A fully managed solution that adapts along with your business

Enhance your network at your own speed. With Managed SD-WAN, you can simply, efficiently and cost-effectively apply the right type of connectivity to each location across your entire network.

Migrate at your pace

Create a wide-area network for your unique business and application needs. This completely managed solution streamlines SD-WAN implementation — including network design, Internet connectivity options, installation, portal-based management and ongoing support.

Adapt to varying workloads

Maximising your network’s performance is critical to your organisation’s ability to be productive and efficient. We use application-aware, intelligent routing to steer traffic to the best-performing paths. So your teams always experience the fastest connection.

Gain better visibility and insights

Empower your IT department with better insights into your network’s traffic and utilisation. An easy-to-use management portal provides real-time data that can influence and inform larger IT initiatives.

Built for your needs

High-bandwidth access options

Get more reach with multiple higher-speed connectivity options, including Fibre, coax and wireless.

Public cloud integration

Quickly and securely leverage key public computing and storage environments.

Adapts to your workloads

We provide application-aware intelligent routing to steer traffic across best-performing paths.

Meet or exceed security needs

We work with you to figure out the right security measures for your needs.

Expansive reach

Our national reach is supported by a 230,000 Fibre-route mile network with over 271,500 Fibre-lit buildings.

Real-time insight and control

You’ll have access to an easy-to-use management portal, giving you real-time insight into network performance, traffic, utilisation and policies.

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