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DDoS Protection

A service to automatically detect threats and proactively resolve DDoS attacks

Comprehensive traffic evaluation

Proprietary machine learning and advanced analytics, powered by NETSCOUT’s Arbor platform, identify anomalies in traffic flows at each of your locations to quickly mitigate attacks before they can negatively impact your organisation.

Faster detection and resolution

Offered with our Fibre Internet Access services, DDoS Protection quickly detects, redirects and mitigates any malicious traffic and minimises the impacts of a DDoS attack, ensuring the availability of your network assets.

Continuous support

We provide a single source of support for fast and easy resolution. Our network operations centre is equipped with experts and resources to ensure mitigation and support during an attack. You also have online access to incident reports that include event mitigation details, countermeasures deployed, IP addresses impacted, configuration settings and more

Built for your needs

Seamless integration

DDoS protection integrates with Fibre internet access for automatic threat detection and resolution of volumetric attacks across your Internet connection.

Personalised response plans

We provide detection and notification of attacks with either automatic or client-initiated mitigation options.

Intelligent monitoring

Powered by Arbor Networks, our intelligent monitoring uses machine learning, algorithms and adaptive analysis to identify cyberattacks specific to your traffic flow.

IP-specific traffic scrubbing

Using machine learning and artificial intelligence, traffic scrubbing occurs at the IP address level (as opposed to IP block), eliminating treatment and delays to non-affected traffic with related IP address blocks.

Network insights and portal

Get global threat maps, threat briefs and incident reporting with event mitigation. Details include countermeasures deployed, IP addresses impacted, configuration settings and more. Apply event history to help inform infrastructure and security planning.

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