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The modern manufacturing organisation must be secure, ready to adapt to change and built for innovation. To achieve these goals, you need advanced connectivity and a dedicated IT partner who can take your performance to the next level.

Secure your operation from cybersecurity threats

Manufacturing is at high risk for cyberattacks, from data breaches and ransomware to cybercrime and IP theft. 50% of UK manufacturing companies reported having experienced a data breach or cyberattack in the past year, with 73% of attacks being financially motivated.2 The resulting downtime can seriously impact your bottom line. But smart security services can automatically identify and mitigate threats, stopping attacks before they happen.

Adapt to an ever-changing environment

In a recent 2021 survey of more than 400 global manufacturing companies, 56% said the digital transformation they undertook was essential to coping with pandemic-related disruptions.3 New applications are constantly deployed in this evolving sector, including applied robotics, 3D printing, advanced analytics, IoT and digital twin technology. While these smart technologies can boost a manufacturer’s capabilities, they need reliable connectivity to maximize their potential.

Keep your business moving forward

Last year, 45% of manufacturing executives surveyed expect further increases in operational efficiency from investments in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) that connect machines and automate processes.4 Innovation is key to staying ahead. To succeed, manufacturers need a digital vision and a road map for IT implementation. Calls UK can help you build a data-driven culture, generating valuable insights and supporting ongoing needs.

Calls UK supports manufacturing in a variety of sectors

Vehicles are more complex than ever. As their connected capabilities become more sophisticated, automotive plants need to keep up with new technological demands. We’ll work with you to establish a flexible and secure network that helps streamline operations, optimise inventory management and provide valuable driver and vehicle insights to accelerate future innovations.

Investing in digital innovations like the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics helps accelerate your future revenues. Calls UK will work with you to securely build and scale your digital initiatives with our reliable internet and networking solutions — leading to more sophisticated simulation and modeling capabilities and better interoperability.

Technological innovations like drones, wearables and GPS tracking systems are changing how job sites are managed. Incorporating digital tools into your projects helps increase efficiencies, reduce operating costs and improve worker safety. Internet and networking solutions from Calls UK connect your job sites to provide real-time data and help improve scheduling of labor and materials across suppliers.

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