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Wireless Internet

Connect rural and remote network locations wherever they are and easily access the internet with a wireless solution that keeps your organisation running. With Wireless Internet, you get the total package, including the equipment, installation, data plan and technical support.

Internet access

Provide connectivity for point-of-sale systems, network equipment management, WAN integration and more

Business continuity

Gain peace of mind knowing that your organisation will continue to operate through an interruption when configured as an alternate connection or backup

Rapid installation

Quickly deploy Internet access to any of your locations, including rural, remote and hard-to-reach sites

Built for your needs

Dual SIM wireless modem

Get the best connection with a dual sim modem that selects the strongest signal available during installation from multiple LTE networks.

Indoor antenna

An indoor antenna with three-foot cable assembly allows for convenient access, protected placement and simple servicing when needed.

Shareable data plan

Get maximum flexibility and simplicity with one data pool per account, shared between all Wireless Internet service locations with the same Usage data plan.

Usage & Unlimited data plans included

Stay connected with confidence and consistency with an included data plan.

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