Headsets Bluetooth, your handsfree friend

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Headsets are often overlooked, treated as an ‘add-on’ or something for the future….BUT you should really consider these as useful tools, especially when used in a busy office or noisy environment. It seems every time I walk away from my office the phone rings, having a headset means still taking calls whilst fighting with the printer or when I’ve wandered off to make a cuppa !. I have my mobile connected to a LibertyVoIP X5 desk phone so when either rings I get the call via the headset, no drama’s just click and speak. Weighing just a few grams with talk times of several hours they plug onto your PC or laptop for a quick recharge.

I often have mine linked to the laptop so I don’t have to bellow at the PC when taking calls or Zooming in the coffee shop. All the Bluetooth Headsets work our LibertyVoIP X5 handset ….which is quite useful bit of kit after all, don’t you think ?