Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones for Retirement and Rest Homes

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Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones or DECT for short.

In the past people have tried to use standard cordless telephones for staff who by the very nature of their jobs need to move about the building. Problem being once the handset gets too far away from it’s base off goes the signal, not very professional when you are talking to someone about their loved one. Some tried to use VoIP DECT (Voice over Internet Protocol) but again when the handset gets too far away from its base….off goes the call !.

Whats required is a series of Repeater Bases allowing users to roam about the property having the main base ‘hand-off’ a call to a more powerful local Repeater which again can hand-off a call to another Repeater as the user walks into its range.

Portel started off in Radio Communications making us expert in wireless technology, enhancing our VoIP systems with DECT equipment allows our clients to move about their buildings without worrying about the quality of their business phone calls.

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