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The Techmount is a universal projector ceiling bracket designed to secure most video data projectors safety and sturdily to your ceiling. We only have one projector ceiling bracket in our range: it comes with a 1.1m pole and it is designed to be useful in 99% of installations. That means built in flexibility allowing quick assembly in a number of different configurations, including “flush-mount” where the projector is as close to the ceiling as possible. We believe the fixed pole style we use is the best for rigidity, and because you cut it to length onsite, it has an infinitely variable length. Safety Approved We believe it is good practise to use a safety fall-arrest tether which secures the projector to your bracket, so we’ve included one. 20kg SWL Independent testing on calibrated hydraulic test equipment has shown a breaking-strain of half a ton! We recommend a maximum safe working load of 20kg which is well within it’s limits. Obstruction-free Cable Management Rather than having a long bolt that runs through the pipe and blocks cable access, we use our unique quad-bolt Chute-through system which leaves cable access clear – even for a big VGA connector. Secure We believe quick-release mechanisms make life easier for thieves, so our mount is secure and features security bolts. Sloping Ceilings? If you have a sloping ceiling there is a tilting mechanism included which tilts to a full 90 degrees, allowing you to use the bracket as a boom if need be. Tools Included A spanner and pin-hex key are included. The only tool you’ll need is a 2″ pipe cutter (NOT INCLUDED – ask your hardware supplier for a pipe cutter with a 6-67mm range, and a metal cutting disk). With this tool you’ll cut the pole like a knife through butter. We’ve also included a drilling jig so you can easily and accurately drill 9mm holes into the pole. Easy fit Fitting the bracket to the projector is simple; most projectors have threaded inserts in the bottom for attachment. But because not all use the same diameter screws we provide a selection of screws to suit almost all projectors. Simply adjust the arms on our bracket over the attachment holes, and insert a screw into the projector. Finish the job properly! TM-1200 Trim Disk Aesthetics are also enhanced by our exclusive retrofittable trim disk which is fitted to the pole in false-ceiling environments to properly finish the installation.


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