Unify Cordless DECT Sender IP V2 (BSIP2) DECT base station Grey


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DECT IP base stations form a network of radio cells and conduct communications with the handsets. If these radio cells overlap and are synchronized, the DECT handsets can move between the radio cells with an existing voice connection. The best location for the DECT IP base stations for radio coverage in a building or site is determined by means of radio measurement. Special antennae can be used for increased radio ranges. The DECT IP base stations can be fitted with an outdoor casing to protect against inclement weather. DECT IP base stations have the complete software for DECT and IP functionality. This software does not need to be configured and administered locally on the DECT IP base stations; this can be conveniently implemented on a centralized basis by means of the OpenScape Cordless IP V2 software.


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