Neomounts adapter for MS Hub 85″


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The Neomounts AFL55-800BL1 adapter is specifically designed to mount a Microsoft Surface Hub 85″ screen to a mount or trolley. This adapter can be used on the PLASMA-M2500BLACK, PLASMA-M2500SILVER, NM-HUB2LIFTBLACK and NM-HUB2LIFTSILVER motorised trolleys and on the PLASMA-W2500BLACK and PLASMA-W2500SILVER motorised wall mounts.

The AFL55-800BL1 features of a smart tilt function, that enables the user to easily guide the cables along the back of the screen. The adapter can be simply installed by removing the current VESA head and attaching the AFL55-800BL1 adapter to the column of your Neomounts trolley or wall mount.

Additionally, the AFL55-800BL1 can also be installed directly to the wall without having to use a trolley or wall mount.


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