MobileWire-Free Working

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Being a VoIP engineer means I get to test all the new kit out or as Mrs B says I get to play with ‘all the new toys’. Hmm not quite true but there you go. In the picture is a Windows Surface Book laptop, Fanvil X5 VoIP handset and my trusty iPhone. The iPhone is set to ‘Hot Spot’ allowing the laptop to use it for Internet access. The Fanvil VoIP phone is powered via a spare USB port on the laptop and has a Wi-Fi USB adapter fitted also allowing it to use the iPhones Hot Spot for Internet access to one of our LibertyVoIP Cloud Servers. Everything is totally mobile, this could be used in a Hotel room when you don’t fancy using the free Wi-Fi or if the power fails in the office, at least you can continue to run a business. So I don’t just ‘play with the toys’.
Same as the other Portel engineers I actually do some outside-the-box thinking on how to keep our clients businesses running in the event of an emergency….or when they fancy working from the Patio at home !!.