Residential Homes Reduce Costs Going Cordless

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At Portel we are loving these Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones, they seem to have suddenly jumped into focus for many businesses, probably due the low cost of ownership.

Residential Homes are finding things financially tough, not only are resident numbers low but costs, especially of staff and cleaning have increased. Family members are looking for superior services for their loved ones, choosing a Home is getting ‘picky’ as there’s so much choice right now.

Portel have been removing old wired telephone systems, replacing with cordless versions. The offices still have desk phones but staff moving about the buildings now have individual handsets in their pockets allowing them to take and make internal / external calls whilst being with the person they are looking after. Also as all our systems come with up to 50 outside lines (free) it means everyone can make a call at the same time, no waiting for the office to finish their long call before dialling 999.

All systems have voicemail, music on hold, conference and the ability for multiple homes to be linked together for free calls or to allow one office to take calls for all the other centres, very handy at night, weekends and bank holidays.

Calls route via the existing broadband (or a new one if preferred) which means losing the rentals of existing phone lines and maintenance contracts on legacy phone systems, a huge annual saving plus calls are far cheaper via VoIP (Voiceover Internet, Protocol) so cheap we will offer a fixed call-cost per month. A typical system with 2 office phones (LibertyVoIP X5’s) and 6 DECT handsets is only £800.00 + VAT plus a bit of fitting and that includes moving existing phone numbers over to our network. Usually fitted and working within an hour or so. Take off the savings on phone lines and maintenance the real cost will be about £300.00 in the first year then a saving of £500.00 in the second and subsequent years….and thats not including the savings on phone calls. realistically it will pay for itself in a year. If you would like to chat about this please do get in touch….01422 893 888, 0113 834 3336, 01484 810 399 or hit the chat bot on our web site.