It’s Been A Hot Day On The Road

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Phew! It’s been a hot day to be stuck in the car racing around sorting out client systems. I’ve been in the eaves of a building in Halifax and down in a Huddersfield cellar, done over 15000 steps !.
Job 1. Extending VoIP phone CAT5 leads for my favourite charity in Halifax, no charge, I did say they are my favourites!
Job 2. Install a nice Vigor router to commission onto one of our Portel broadbands, then move the VoIP handsets and PC’s over, swap all the IP addresses, strip out the old kit from the 19” rack, quite involved as it’s always a fight getting stuff out when it’s held in by the jumper cables !.
Job 3. Fit a Wi-Fi repeater to allow staff in one office to use an adjacent offices printers !. Bit of an odd-ball ask but it turned out to be quite simple and this one was only a mile away from the broadband installation so quite a short drive
Then home and walk the dogs before tackling the paperwork and tomorrow it all kicks off again !

Photo is of my mobile office set up, the phone is powered via the laptop and both use my iPhone’s hotspot for internet and it just works