Be Local and Worldwide all at the Same Time

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With the rapid deployment of home working over this next week plus the development of transportation, logistics and the internet more and more Companies are expanding their businesses from local to worldwide.

Using Portel’s already-in-place Cloud and off-the-shelf office VoIP platforms means a business headquartered in Manchester can have dozens of subsidiaries scattered across the Globe yet all sharing a common VoIP platform for inter-office calls and centralised call processing. All calls may be recorded as this is a dedicated private platform for your businesses. having a distributed unified system keeps parts of the Company close together and even closer to their clients.

Portel are experts in all aspects of VoIP, we should be, Portel manufacture the LibertyVoIP range of VoIP telephone systems partnering with Fanvil Technology Co., Ltd for telephone handsets. For more information talk to the people that build the equipment you will be using.