Great Britain or WorldWide ?

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With Great Britain now an independent Country, more businesses are looking to expand from being just local to National or even having an International presence. The immediate problem being communication between all parts of the Group.

The use of an inexpensive LibertyVoIP Phone System allows all parts of the business, multiple UK Offices, Home Workers, International Partners or own International Offices to be set up as an integrated voice communication network deployed Worldwide.

It doesn’t matter where staff are located as our voice systems greatly enhance ‘internal’ communications between the people employed in any role within the businesses.

Features & Benefits

Free internal phone calls between all extensions useful features such as: Call Transfer, Conference and Voicemail
With the phone system UK based international calls into Great Britain are treated as local calls greatly reducing the overall phone bill.
Head Office Receptionists can answer calls for any part of the Group with call recording of both internal and external calls and central access to call information by Management as required.

Once the main system is installed its very simple to deploy handsets into branch offices / home workers etc as everything is Internet based, managed by your own VoIP technicians or by Portel’s VoIP Engineering Team.