The Mandatory move to VoIP

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Quite interesting to see the slow uptake in transferring to VoIP start to gain momentum, you can almost hear the wheels groaning !. Just to reiterate businesses using analogue or ISDN telephone lines will lose their lines when BT turn off these services.
There are two options available, swap over to VoIP or cease using phones and ‘landline’ phone numbers to speak with customers and suppliers.

it is possible to divert existing numbers to mobile phones, that’s achieved using the VoIP Cloud network but being realistic there’s not many successful Companies who don’t have a phone number and phone system of some sort.

The really crazy fact is VoIP is cheaper to own and use than any traditional system, offering users a more flexible way of keeping in touch with their customers, more for less…..right now ……later as the big cut off draws near prices will rise like rockets as equipment and installers become a scarce commodity.