The Demise of the Humble Telephone Line

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Soon to be a thing of the past….telephone lines…..yes folks all ISDN business lines will be ceased shortly, that’s ISDN2e and ISDN30e which will be followed by analogue phone lines as Providers will soon  only install broadband circuits,  if you want to keep your phone number now is a good time to be looking at ‘porting’ your number over to a Voice over Internet (VoIP) provider.

Its an easy conversion for business’s as Portel pick up the existing business numbers from Ofcom then re-supply, via broadband onto LibertyVoIP handsets and thats about it. not only do you save the cost of phone line rentals (we provide 50 lines for free) you also lose telephone system maintenance whilst gaining Voicemail, Front-end Answering, Conference calls, Home Working and a whole host of other useful features too…bit of a no brainer really, who wouldn’t want more for less ??.