School’s Choose LibertyVoIP X3 Handsets …. but why ??

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Portel are adding another ten or so handsets to a school this week. We installed the original LibertyVoIP system a few years ago but they’ve expanded hence needing more handsets, one per classroom. I was quite surprised to see they ordered our LibertyVoIP X3 handsets instead of the more basic ones folk usually choose. When I asked why they said our LVX3’s have a zero fail rate and cost only a few pounds more than the usual phones, the time saved fault finding and replacing duff handsets has dropped dramatically hence their choice. I didn’t know how they were rating handsets (I do now !) so that’s one to put into the mix when quoting other schools for VoIP systems. As my old Mancunian Mum used to say “buy cheap, buy twice” She had a point !.